In 1889 Sir Henry Campbell Bannermann gifted the school an observatory. To this day the observatory and its 130 year old telescope, is still in working condition on the hotel rooftop and hosts tours by The Royal Astrological Society available to hotel guests as well as local guides, scouts and cubs.

Please get in touch to arrange a tour of The Obervatory, or to request more information.

The Extra Mile

Treat your delegates, or your guests to an event they will always remember, by including an observatory tour within your day.

Bring your team together through the magic of astrology, and bask in the stunning views.

Picture Perfect

With stunning panoramic views for as far as the eye can see our observatory would make for the most magical of photos. Whether it be for wedding photos, proposals, or simply just a part of your weekend stay with us, our observatory tour will make your stay magically memorable. No request is too much.

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